Tech Terminologies


  • vmlinuz: the name of the Linux kernel executable.detail

Amazon AWS

  • AKI (Amazon Kernel Image): Kernel loaded by the Amazon "boot loader"
  • ARI (Amazon Ramdisk Image): "Disk" used by boot loader during kernel load
  • AMI (Amazon Machine Image): Everything post-boot, including loadable kernel module. An AKI & ARI can be specified
  • Paravirtual AMIs (PV-GRUB): Amazon Machine Images that use paravirtual (PV) virtualization use a system called PV-GRUB during the boot process. PV-GRUB is a paravirtual bootloader that runs a patched version of GNU GRUB 0.97. When you start an instance, PV-GRUB starts the boot process and then chain loads the kernel specified by your image's menu.lst file. PV-GRUB understands standard grub.conf or menu.lst commands, which allows it to work with all currently supported Linux distributions. detail in AWS
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